Retro is a simple static site generator. It relies on special silly flavored HTML tags and the concept of widgets and views (reusable pieces of HTML) to build static content that can be deployed to any web server.


Retro relies on .NET Core SDK. So this must be installed first, like so:

1. Go to .NET Core SDK.
2. Select your platform: Windows, Linux, MacOS (should already be selected because the machines already know everything about you).
3. Click the button Download .NET Core SDK.
4. Open the thing you downloaded and follow the directions.
5. Done.

Now install Retro via the command line:

dotnet tool install -g retro

Verify Retro is installed:


This will print the version and a list of directives.

You're all set. Retro is ready to go. If you're ready to get going, then go get the User's Guide:

User's Guide