What is Silly Widgets?

Silly Widgets is a small, independent software development shop located in a first tier suburb of Dallas, Texas, USA. It was founded by an entity known as A-ron, America's favorite unknown entertainer, creator, and humanitarian.

We specialize in .NET Core development with an emphasis on deploying to the cloud, mostly AWS. And all of our software is free for all to use.

Why does Silly Widgets exist?

To scratch our own itch and help others scratch their's. This is simply a venture to try and build useful little things that aren't "big software" trying to harvest user behavior/psychology for profit.

How can someone contact y'all?

Just send an email to sillywidgets@yahoo.com and a real human will respond. Every email gets read, unless it's obvious junk.

Do y'all do custom work?

Of course. Send an email to sillywidgets@yahoo.com to set up a face to face, phone, or just to ask a dumb question. Learn more.